Yesterday my consultation with Hamish was very useful and helped clarify my situation a great deal. I just wanted to let you know, from someone who’s never sought legal advice before, your services are expensive but worth it.              Anon, Feb 2024

I was viciously terminated by an employer last year for hugging a colleague for two seconds which was labelled ”serious misconduct” by the company. I was a full-time employee with about 16 months of service with no prior recordings of misbehavior at the job.

Susan Moriarty & Associates helped me to lodge a professionally written claim with the Fair Work Commission in which I was able to negotiate a severance remittance and a remedy of my termination to a resignation.

I am extremely happy with the result and would definitely recommend SMA to friends and family, even more so because they allowed me a generous payment plan to cover the fees.

It was a pleasure interacting with Wade who I found very down-to-earth and Susan who showed much respect and understanding for what was a horrible experience for me.

Thank you SMA, G-d bless.           Former Professional Supervisor, Feb 2024

Susan, Thanks again for the professional advice and support yourself and Wade provided.   Definitely in my contact book for future referrals.      BG.          Dec 2022

Hamish,  Many thanks to you all for getting me such a strong outcome.   J.    Nov 2022.

Thank you very much to the team at Susan Moriarty & Associates for their compassion, guidance and expert legal advice in helping me achieve a successful outcome in my unfair dismissal case.  The case was expedited effectively utilising the Fair Work Australia claims processes, putting a line under this event in the most direct way possible and enabling me to move forward. I highly recommend Susan and her team. B. 2022

Thank you for your time and dedication with me.  You have brilliant staff and I thank them too,  AM

Thank you as always Susan from the bottom of my heart. You are one of the most amazing advocates of fairness that I know as I’m sure all your clients feel, SB

Susan, “I would love to thank you personally for u looking after me, and of course the SMA team.” L. 2021

“Susan and the team are the people to have in your corner.  Their professional service, caring attitude and deep knowledge of employment law make them angels and demons all at the same time.  Janet Walters in particular did an amazing job assessing and then getting a bad situation under control with care and skill to a satisfying end.” Mike Alafaci, Executive in the IT Industry, 2020

“Hahahahaha – You have made my day!!  I have not had a giggle for 12 months so thank you!!!  Love your work!!!  I have had no success on anything in my case for going on 11 months and within 24 hours you have their full attention and are getting them to behave!  You can not believe how much better I already feel.” Anon 2020

“I would like to thank my legal team – Susan Moriarty and Associates. Susan is such an inspirational woman. When I think about Susan, I think of a strong and compassionate person. She believes strongly in doing what is right, and fights for it. If there were more Susans in the world then the world would be a better place. She never gave up on me or gave me false hope. The team listened to me and validated my experience. They were my voice when I couldn’t speak. They went above and beyond in their roles and showed me that they genuinely cared for me and my situation.” Lilo Von Schoeler 2020

“Vladimir at Susan Moriarty was an absolute pleasure to deal with and he promptly took care of our legal workplace issue giving us a great outcome. From the first meeting with him the pressure was lifted from our shoulders and we are extremely pleased with how he handled our legal problems. Could not recommend highly enough. Thank you for all you have done.” Erina 2020

“Thank you to Janet Walters and Susan Moriarty and Associates for such detailed, comprehensive, professional work/craftmanship.  You have understood and articulated my situation in such a professional way that outlines my case perfectly.  I think you might be one of those super human’s!  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, I feel that I can exhale now.” Anon 2020

“I have worked in the Queensland public service for decades at levels from administrative officer to professional officer (PO) and senior officer (SO). The assistance Susan Moriarty and Associates were able to give me in relation to “organisational restructures” was first class. The service was prompt, professional and reassuring. The fees were much more reasonable than I expected. My only regret is that I did not seek advice and assistance at an earlier stage than I did. I have no reservations in recommending this firm.” AW 2019
“I cannot thank you enough for taking on my case from day one, and although there have been many many hurdles along the way you have always supported me and helped me to keep going. As we know my employer isn’t going to make it easy but knowing I have SMA as back up sure takes a load off my shoulders. So once again thank you for your wisdom and expertise.” CJ 2019
“Thank you to Benedict, Susan and the wonderful staff at the firm.  Every phone call made to you all through this difficult period was done with extreme politeness and a cheerful attitude.  Between the advice from Benedict and Susan I felt fully supported in our endeavour to get my employer to be held accountable for their poor processes regarding my employment.” Bank Manager, Qld, 2019

“Please pass on my sincere appreciation to Susan and all who helped in this matter over the last 3 years. I am sure that I would not have achieved this successful conclusion without it. I have recommended Susan Moriarty and Associates to one of my work colleagues who is in a similar position.” Government School Deputy School Principal 2018

“Thanks again for all your assistance. It’s been a very stressful episode all in all but a great result so far. I’m very grateful for all the guidance provided by you and your team, without the assurance that I did indeed have a case, I would never have found the courage to proceed with the settlement claim. ” Marketing Manager 2018

“I would like to thank Susan, Brooke, Tara and yourself for every bit of assistance given to me throughout all of this. It certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed, and for everything you have all done for me, I truly am thankful.” – DH 2017

Thank you for your professional support and patience during my illness. I have negotiated a successful return to work largely because your comprehensive letter to my employer, proved unanswerable. Your tenacity and experience were critical to having the employer surrender. Thank you.  TM All the best to yourself and Susan as you go about your roles in assisting others in my situation. The firm is very professional and have played an integral role in helping me become stronger and more committed in believing who I am and what I have achieved as a person. THANK YOU :-)” – CM

“There can only ever be one “Susan Moriarty”, one star in my galaxy. Congratulations to you as the backbone & driver of your firm’s success, however also unending applause to all your strong & like-minded staff, employees, family & cherished loved ones who are all part of “Engine Moriarty” which hums for all its valued clients, not just me.” – Jemma

“I am a registered nurse of many years standing and have worked in both the public and private health system throughout my career. I was directed to undergo compulsory psychiatric assessment and retained Susan Moriarty & Associates to resist the direction. Susan and Edwin fought hard to oppose the direction. I was very pleased that they acted so swiftly to protect and enforce my rights to fairness and natural justice. They ensured that the proper procedures met with full compliance. If you have a workplace issue, I have no hesitation in recommending you contact Susan Moriarty & Associates to seek immediate support and assistance.” – AS

“You did a fantastic piece of work for and with me during my exit from RA. All worked out very well in the end and I was paid what I expected…
I did take some time to very carefully wade through a number of prospective employers and I had a series of interviews before I settled on a senior position.
It was on your advice and re-direction to HR that direct contact with them ceased, helping me to handle all the final issues.
Wishing you all the very best with your practice.” – DO

“I am writing to you as a client who has and still is at the centre of your firm’s focus. The experience of this focus is a time consistent quality customer care. The firm delivered on this philosophy by collaborating on plans for clients as a person in disappointing circumstance, acting to ease and limit a potentially disappointing employment situation from worsening into a potentially long and drawn out all consuming life-time problem for me.

Your firm’s offer of a nice tea and biscuit chats, to ease my mind with myself and my family members, as it was required, recognised where to start this matter. It furthered my confidence to articulate and write my statements. I have seen first hand how some work matters can draw a person to step outside of the normal comfort zone and have a potential to remain a feature with enduring destructive abilities in family life and life’s work.

Your firm knows how to limit the chaos and uncertainties. Your firm provided me with a commitment to achieving responses contained in those time limited documents and showed up on time to do this with me. Your firm knows disputes, how to plan for them, achieve expectations including knowing when to discuss uncertainties because of the experience staff have had in this area made me think that they had like “sentinels of safety” – gone before me. Applying this knowledge for one who in receipt of it, improved the impact of the dispute on me, my life and my future because it involved consideration of my reputation, defended work related assets, licences, future employment opportunities and scheduled the time for me and with me to weigh this up. Your firm bought measured and considered responses into my focus that otherwise I may have not have had the alternative paths to take out of this devastation.

Susan Moriarty and Associates has been and is my go to firm to assess legal matters which alone may have been easily and unwittingly escalated on the wrong issues. Their work methods were central to improving the quality of my life and maintaining the integrity of my financial stability allowing me time to address and protect my personal life and preserve its precious stability.” – KM

“Hi Susan and the whole wonderful team,

I am speechless about what you have done for me and my family. Your hard work, support and understanding is something I will never forget, it will stay in my soul and heart for ever. I have worked hard all my life for my family and have had to tolerate very trying circumstances throughout that time, leaving my country, family and friends to start anew. Having worked so hard to re-establish myself in medical practice, I thought that my hard work would be rewarded. It was shocking to discover that that was not the case. When I was suspended I experienced hopelessness, negativity, lack of trust and loss of contact with friends and family. However after I dealt with you and your team, my belief in human goodness was restored and I again believed that there are still good and honest people who fight with you for justice and truth. My self-confidence was restored and my faith sustained me throughout the disciplinary ordeal. So I thank you very, very much for all what you did for me.” – NN

“Thank you so much for your love & support through a very difficult time in our lives. You truly were our guiding angel.” – R & SL

“I was fortunate to have Susan’s name given to me at the most opportune and needy (for me) time. In all of my dealings with Susan, which occurred over several years, I have been greatly impressed by her knowledge, wisdom and pragmatism. Susan’s capacity to rightly sense when to go and when to sit back and wait is another admirable trait. Her supportive, caring demeanour is a credit to her. Susan is able to see the “big picture”, able to make sense of a myriad of information and data and bring this information to a succinct and understandable format. She is then able to plan and work towards an appropriate termination of the issues at stake. At all times I found that her responses and advice were appropriate and acceptable. Through her support and action, my concerns were able to be aired, worked on and resolved appropriately, to my benefit, with no further stress being placed on me.” – ASW

“Susan Moriarty is beyond accolades to describe and capture her professional and most of all personal stature. She is brilliant lawyer, a credit to her profession, a fearless strategist and dogged defendant. Above this, Susan is still a human being, empathetic and honest with her clients and is able to understand a client’s distinction between a legal and justice system in Australia, especially a woman’s distinction. No amount of legal fees will buy this kind of insight, Susan Moriarty has what most of the legal professional lacks, a gene of energy that cannot be replicated. Susan Moriarty took my work place rape case, when Melbourne shunned me. Susan Moriarty offered me her hand, and then walked with me through the long and winding hellish legal roads to the Federal Court, in my fight for justice. Susan Moriarty will always be the shoulders I stood on to find my voice and the person who helped me dig deep to find the courage to demand justice. I am eternally grateful to have met such a woman and I attribute my recovery and moving forward in life to Susan, a person I will never meet twice in this lifetime, as there is only one Susan Moriarty.” –  JE

“I found myself in a workplace situation involving an immediate senior manager which was totally unsatisfactory and unfair following various internal complaints and escalation paths which produced no action or outcome by the company. My industrial union was particularly unhelpful about the matter and I felt stressed and didn’t know where to turn. Then a friend told me about Susan Moriarty & Associates and I made an initial appointment with Susan. I found her professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm was outstanding and elected to have representation from Susan and later her Associates Ken Bull and Lyle.

The workplace issue dragged on for an extended period of time but at all times I felt very well represented and it gave me peace of mind to have an independent party negotiating between my employer and me. It certainly made my employer pick up their act and conduct their business in a more appropriate and lawful manner. While the outcome was different to what I initially expected, I was still very pleased with my decision to be represented. I would highly recommend the services of Susan Moriarty and Associates to anyone who finds themselves needing representation in an employment matter.” – JC

“I also wanted to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks for all your support, advice and encouragement through the past 2+ years. It has been a long and arduous battle and I believe I am one of the very fortunate few who is able to say I took on my employer and won. Though I do have the battle scars, I would do it all again…firm in the belief that I was in the right and held on to that truth, if nothing else.  Again, many thanks. You will never truly know how grateful I am to you for holding me up and walking beside me through this war.” – MP

“Thanks so much Susan,
You and your team have provided an amazing service. The quality of care, service and compassion has been outstanding. I cannot thank you and your team enough. Best wishes”  – WS

“Dear Susan, ‘Congratulations on your professional achievements. The summary below is admirable and evidence of endless tenacity and skill. Your submission on s18 c of the Racial Discrimination Act is profound and that of a worthy leader in Australian society. Thank you for your consistent courage and the commitment that brings undeniable truth to the table. You are  a much admired leader in justice pursuits and we are lucky to have you in Brisbane.” – TM, former client 2014 to 2016

Sexual Harassment at the QLD State Library