A word from our Principal

Undoubtedly 2021 was a very challenging year for humanity but the old proverb ‘it’s an ill-wind that blows nobody any good’ remains true today.  Across 2021, SMA settled multiple claims in which compensation for unpaid wages was negotiated, damages for unfair dismissals was secured and severance packages paid out to transitioning employees.  In many instances we were able to negotiate payments for counselling fees and refresher training to help our client obtain employment elsewhere.  There were a number of highlights across the human rights sphere too.  In early 2021, we were retained by a young career professional who had been forced to resign his employment following several months of repeated sexual harassment by a colleague.  Without a reference, he was forced to fund a start up as a way to restore his lost income and experienced significant anxiety as a result of the mistreatment.  We lodged a discrimination complaint with the QHRC but also wrote to the employer inviting them to negotiate a private and confidential settlement. After an exchange of correspondence, the employer agreed to pay generous damages for the harassment.  We are very pleased to say that our client was delighted that his legal costs were only a fraction of the total compensation package leaving him with a payout that could tide him over until his business began generating a profit.  

We look forward to helping you out with any work issue this year.   

Susan Moriarty