COVID-19: Workplace Safety

By July 2, 2020Employment Law

As Queensland’s COVID-19 curve reduces and restrictions ease, plans for returning to work are a hot topic among many businesses.

But before rushing back to business as usual, the Government is urging workplaces to implement a plan outlining how they will keep returning workers safe in accordance with their key workplace health and safety (‘WHS’) duties.

Importantly, employers owe their employees a duty to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risk.

Under this duty falls the responsibility to protect employees from exposure to COVID-19.

Numerous health and safety recommendations have been released regarding what action employers should be taking to prevent exposing their employees to COVID-19 and other related risks upon returning to work.

For more consumable reading, we have condensed some of the important suggestions into one easy-to-read factsheet.

With workplaces adapting to reflect community changes such as caring responsibilities and commuting needs, employers are tasked with creating an environment which is enjoyable and safe for their workers. 

Certainly, not all employees will feel the same about returning to work, because no two workers or workplaces are the same. You will need to understand what is right for each individual to format a return to work plan.

Importantly, Australian HR Institute suggests that support & communication is paramount – urging employers to prioritise their workers’ emotional safety.

This article is legal information and should not be seen as legal advice. Please consult with a lawyer before you rely on this information.


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